Weekly Tips & Tricks Scannx Accessibility Tools

Welcome to another edition of weekly tips and tricks. This week we are going to go over the accessibility tools on the Scannx machine.

To access the accessibility tools simply click on the Accessibility Tools button on the main screen before beginning to scan. There are audio and visual assistance tools.

  1. Audio Assistance Tool: a text-to-speech narrator that will narrate on-screen options as well as respond to any buttons selected by a user.
  2. Visual Assistance Tools: a magnifier that will enlarge text when you hover over it with the mouse, and a high contrast mode.

Other small notes are that we have installed new touch screen monitors if you would prefer using it over a mouse and also we have installed another Scannx machine in the Huston room. Note that the other Scannx machine is in the Periodicals room.

Questions, comments, concerns?  Give us a call at 845-848-7505 or email sullivan.library@dc.edu!

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Weekly Tips & Tricks – Using the Scannx


It’s Thursday!  That means it’s time for another Weekly Tips & Tricks post!

This week we will introduce you to our fancy new scanner, the Scannx Book ScanCenter! The Scannx is located in the Periodicals Room. The machine makes scanning a much easier (and fun) process. Unlike traditional scanners, this machine provides the option of saving in a variety of file types (including making an MP3 file out of a scan of words). Additionally, you can save and send the scan four different ways – through a smartphone, email, Google Drive, or using USB. There are also helpful accessibility features!



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